Artist Statement

I am a photo-based artist practiced with elements of sculpture and installation. My work is impacted by personal experience, which I initially came to the States for education and have been here for eleven years. In fact, there are 350,000 young Chinese people currently studying at academic institutions in the U.S., and they are not staying here for immigration. Chinese students are sandwiched between Chinese culture and American culture, and they have been building up their own cultural identity. I question Chinese students have been figuring out comforts and community through spatial and photography relationships. I create research involved installations including images of architectures, which question if Chinatown architecture reinforced the sense of connections to the culture we grew up with and if academic institution buildings offer us space. I use online images and my own images to highlighting subjectivity and objectivity, and I flaner around virtual and real space. I issue critical points concerning “temporality” through intertwined back and forth of fake and real spatial relationships among photography, architectures, and obfuscated realities. Either China or the U.S. won’t be a good fit for them, I will create an actual architecture including imaging process for their own comforts and community.