Artist Statement

I am a Chinese-born visual artist who came to the United States to attend school. My photo-based artist practice stems from that personal experience. There are 360,000 young Chinese people currently studying at academic institutions in the U.S., and they are not staying here for immigration. Chinese students are sandwiched between Chinese culture and American culture, and they have been building up their own cultural identity. My work looks at how Chinese students have found comfort and community in certain spaces, unexpectedly fabricating a photographic space between architectures of Chinatown and academic buildings. Confusing temporal and spatial relationships, all of my photographs are taken of photographic installations, such as Once Upon a Time at Chinatown Movie Theaters project. There were many Chinatown movie theaters in various major Chinatowns of the States and eight of them were located in NYC Chinatown. Only Chinese languages movie were shown in those theaters. Around two decades ago, those theaters were all closed down or disappeared. However, those buildings (used to hold Chinatown movie theaters) are still there, and I played the movie of academic buildings on the photographic installations of those buildings, which were seen as an old-fashioned photo studio backdrop. Finally, I documented and photographed all the above temporal and spatial relationships.