Artist Statement

I am a photo-based artist practiced with elements of sculpture and installation. My work grapples with the shifting of Chinese students’ culture and their everyday life in the U.S. as a result of assimilating and compromising among Chinese cultural heritage, affirmed impression and viewpoints of Chinese culture in America, and American culture, and it explores a redefinition of my relationship with the homeland simultaneously. The 'Flat Gold' series evokes the common practice forty years ago of pasting newspapers on the walls of one’s home, a handy and affordable solution for wallpaper. I made my own installation of newspapers in the studio. Of course, I print my final work on self-adhesive fabric papers, which are the medium of contemporary decorated wallpapers. My wallpapers are considered as news, which I created not on newsprint. Screens of computers were projected digitally on wallpaper, and I have made news of contemporary wallpapers through digital and actual installations. The news became history, which is finally recycled and made onto traditional Chinese paper for our own comforts. The history is forever, but history is also temporary and disappearing. I am building up the wall space of bricks, and how Chinese students have constructed their own value conception and culture through wall spaces composed of spatial connections by Chinatown building and institution buildings. Chinese students could have created an open-mind-wall space drafted with a big picture of American culture, and meanwhile, they could have sealed off themselves for safeness through the wall spaces. Recycling is always happening in my process. The images inside of photography prints are my news/wallpaper work, which is also recycled on the campus and are photographed then, so it turned out to be photography prints you could see. I am decolonizing structures through collapsing images. I am using many common/kitsch media and medium to create work and fabricate concepts involved Chinese culture context for viewers of American and Chinese. I apply traditional Chinese paper and ink, and soil dug from college campuses to reemphasize the obfuscated reality.